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I’ve been a technical artist professionally for close to a decade now, and the following is a non-exhaustive selection of tech art-y stuff I’ve done in the last couple of years.

I have a particular love for building tools and pipelines, but also get a real kick out of working with procedural content generation. I also enjoy creating interesting shaders and effects.

For posterity, and I suppose some historical context, you can also have a look at some of the things I was involved with at my first professional foray into tech art:


Also developed various terrain systems to generate natural-looking terrains from primitive building blocks (define simple mountain, valleys, etc). These would then be automatically populated via configurable rulesets, eg. types and densities of trees, rocks, etc based on altitude, slope, terrain features. Define building placement and automatically terraform the surroundings (flatten slopes, etc).

Substance Designer

These are 100% procedural and represent only a small selection of assets I’ve built

Writing algorithms in node networks can be pretty frustrating and error-prone. I found myself doing a lot of this at some point, and built a set of python scripts to build out the node networks for me.

Additionally, prior to proper python support being added, I wrote a set of scripts to parse sbs files and perform numerous automation tasks.


Unity’s UI snapping was pretty lacking, so I built this to allow our UI artists to work a little more comfortably (mimics Photoshop’s snapping features)
Built a pixel art tool (and dogfooded it!) as a Unity editor window as part of Unity’s HackWeek 2019.

Built a custom spline tool for a racing game project. Generate ribbon geometry (eg. for road surface and skirting), spawn props, create collision geometry
Standalone Flowmap Painter built ages ago to solve the problem of flowmaps being extremely artist-unfriendly to author



Exploring runtime animation rigging in Unity (Github repo):-

Teck Lee Tan

Field Engineer and Tech Artist at Unity Technologies


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