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What Is A Residential Service Agreement Oklahoma


(c) insure service contracts by means of a contractual liability policy. The climate in Oklahoma City continues westward to semi-arid nature, northward to humid continental nature, and east and southeast to humid subtropical nature. The normal annual average temperature is 61°F. July has a normal average temperature of 83°F. The average annual rainfall is 36 inches. Winters are generally cool, relatively dry and a little short, although very variable. January has an average normal temperature of 39°F. Oklahoma City has a very active severe weather season from March to June, especially in April and May. Located in the center of “Tornado Alley”, the city is prone to particularly frequent and severe tornadoes as well as very violent hailstorms. Changes in temperature with the change of season and humidity lead to additional wear and tear on household appliances and systems. If your central heating, central air conditioning or electrical system suffers a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear, protection against an expensive repair or replacement is essential, as a delay can make living conditions in the house very uncomfortable and even dangerous for everyone.

Why should real estate agents® inform sellers and buyers of RSC? Disclosure is one of the fiduciary duties of a licensed real estate professional. Real estate agents® are required to protect their clients from foreseeable risks by recommending that they hire experts for services that are not the expertise of the real estate agent®. When you let your customers know that home warranty plans are available, many predictable and unpredictable risks are taken into account. It also appears that under this act, commercial agents of home service contracts or home warranties, as defined, would no longer need a licence as they have for years under the existing Service Guarantee Act. . . .

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