12 Oct

Toowoomba Grammar School Enterprise Agreement 2019


Since March 2019, QTU, Together and TAFE Queensland have been negotiating such an agreement to replace the current TAFE Educators Certified Agreement 2016. 5 December 2019: The development of the TAFE Queensland Certified Agreement – 2019 has been completed and we have moved closer to the certification of the replacement agreement. Every two years, members of the QTU TAFE division have the opportunity to negotiate wages and working conditions in a new company contract. We have also ensured that all parties to the agreement share the same understanding of the importance and intent of the new clauses. I acknowledge the contribution of TAFE Queensland CEO Mary Campbell in this expanded process We now have a final and final agreement. In numbers, this is the highlight of: During the weeks when two-thirds of QTU TAFE division members voted to accept TAFE Queensland`s offer, I led your QTU team as we continue to negotiate and process clauses. We believe that the corresponding changes to the references of law, cross-references of clauses, syntax and grammar, etc., have finally been resolved. On Friday, January 31, 2020, the Queensland Industrial Relations Board (QIRC) clicks to see how the revised offer increases payment to your salary level, click on your current classification. During the negotiations, based on the claim established by the members of the QTU TAFE division through extensive consultations, the QTU focused on: this document gives an overview of the details of the revised offer and informs the decision of the members of the QTU TAFE division in the QTU voting process to approve the revised offer.

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