8 Oct

Should Settlement Agreement Be Notarized


Good business practices protect everyone. It is better to have no agreement than a bad or incomplete agreement. Working with a professional mediator who has experience, knowledge and excellent negotiation skills can significantly reduce divorce costs, improve the quality of the agreement and long-term satisfaction and respect between members of the restructured family. Since this would only apply to written contracts, a notarized contract could be particularly important for agreements that need to be concluded in writing. These include real estate sales, wills, debt contracts and real estate rental contracts for more than one year. Some notaries are known as specialists, which means they are certified in certain areas. The parties agree that the signed agreement will be subject to the control of their respective lawyers, which will be completed within working days of the signing of the document; that only provisions that are not legally advised are renegotiated in mediation with the same mediator within a period of # days; that such objections must be formulated in writing by the lawyer of the opposing party and transmitted to the other party together with proof of delivery or proof of attempted delivery and that objections to the agreement signed by either party may not be enforced, unless such objections are fully supported by the written and signed declaration of their lawyer. My wife and I signed a marital agreement that we had designed ourselves. We certified him as a notary and testified by two parties.

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