18 Sep

Ei Group Tenancy Agreement


We know that reaching a legal agreement can be quite daunting, which is why we have summarized the most important points in simple, everyday language. We want you to be happy that any deal works just as well for you as it does for us, so if you have any questions, we have a lot of information that we can share on our website or face-to-face. The UK`s largest pub group has agreed to help tenants pay rents after the sector was widely criticised for the sector abandoning customs officers during the Covid 19 lockdown. You can choose whether you are free of ties for some or all categories of beverages, subject to the payment of an annual supplement for each category of beverages. In a letter seen by The Morning Advertiser, dated Thursday, April 9 and signed by Ei Publican Partnerships chief executive Nick Light, the group said this included insurance, fees for the release of ties, leases and sale of faucets, if any. .

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