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Changes To Salaries Wages Overtime Rates That May Be Negotiated In A Collective Agreement


It is therefore essential that management negotiators start offers that are sufficiently reserved to get out of the negotiating space from the beginning of serious discussions. This allows the negotiators of political union to convince them and to recognise the achievements they are making. There will always be distributive negotiation topics that both parties appreciate. These questions usually include monetary terms. But in this area too, negotiators can expand the pie while improving their respective positions. This can be achieved if negotiators are willing to look beyond the plate and look for innovative solutions. For example, if profits have decreased, a company may offer a bonus to employees rather than a salary increase. Employees benefit from cash payments, but base salaries remain unchanged. In their book What Workers Want (1999), Professors Richard Freeman and Joel Rogers found that more than 80 percent of employees wanted some form of collective interaction with management, with nearly half of them expressing an interest in traditional unions. On the other hand, most people who have expressed an interest in trade union organisation have expressed a desire for less confrontational relations between work and management. Representative unions can no longer sit down with employers` representatives and simply negotiate the terms they would prefer. In our global economy, they need to understand the impact of their negotiating decisions on the competitiveness of companies. If they excessively increase labor costs or reduce productivity, corporate profits will decline and workers will be laid off.

They must work in partnership to achieve results that reward employees for their contributions to the company`s success, while recognizing the need to maintain the competitiveness of companies. On the other hand, many of the negotiating topics allow the parties to act on the issues in a way that expands the overall pie and maximizes the common return associated with it. Companies should recognize that union leaders are more appreciatal of issues that favour management agents. This allows the negotiating parties to achieve win-win results that match the underlying interests of both parties. .

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