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Air Freight Agreement


14.1 To the extent that any provision contained in or referred to in the air waybill, shipping protocol is contrary to anything contained in the applicable convention and applicable laws, regulations, injunctions or requirements that cannot be waived by agreement between the parties, this provision does not apply. If disputes between two or more States Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention cannot be settled by negotiation, the provisions of Chapter XVIII of this Convention shall apply in the same manner as they are provided for therein with regard to differences in interpretation or application of the said Convention. 5.6.3 The shipper guarantees the payment of freight, storage fees and all other unpaid charges, unpaid fees, advances and withdrawals from the carrier. The shipper also guarantees the payment of all costs, expenses, fines, penalties, loss of time, damage and other amounts that the carrier may bear or suffer as a result of the inclusion in the shipment of items whose carriage is prohibited by law or the illicit, false or insufficient identification, numbering, addressing or packaging of packages or cargo descriptions. the absence, delay or inaccuracy of an export or import licence or of a required certificate or document, of an incorrect customs valuation or of an incorrect indication of weight or volume. The carrier has a right to deposit the cargo for each of the above goods and, in the event of non-payment, it has the right to sell the cargo at the time of the public or private sale (provided that the carrier has sent it to the consignor or consignee at the address indicated in the air waybill before such a sale) and to finance itself from the proceeds of such a sale. such amounts. However, such a sale does not exempt any liability for the payment of defects for which the sender and the recipient are jointly and severally liable. By receiving or exercising another right under the contract of carriage, the consignee undertakes to pay such costs, amounts and advances, with the exception of prepaid costs. The carrier is the person who agrees to move something from one place to another in exchange for a price called freight. If the goods are to be the subject of special attention, it is the obligation of the consignor to expressly provide the carrier with the necessary instructions to fulfil his duty of care and preservation.. . .


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