16 Apr

Your Services Agreement Made Clearer En Francais


You received your Microsoft service contract – you don`t know why I received this information because I don`t show a Microsoft account – so I don`t want this service agreement. Please cancel and confirm today. The execution and support of Developer-Hosted PC Game/Software. You are responsible for all hosting, provision and associates services necessary to provide and activate your pc game hosted by the developer or software. You will notify us at least 60 days before a pc/software game hosted by developers is discontinued. You agree that the royalties you have to pay under the agreement and any revenue you receive from the purchase of items sold by developers (defined in section 3a of this calendar) constitute full and comprehensive compensation for all hosting, delivery and other services you provide or provide in connection with the sale and execution of your pc games/software hosted by developers. The Microsoft Services agreement does not apply to products and services to business customers, including Microsoft 365 for business, educational or government customers, Azure, Yammer or Skype for Business. For security, data protection and compliance obligations, as well as related information about Microsoft 365 for businesses, please visit the Microsoft Trust Center at www.microsoft.com/trust-center/product-overview. Payment terms. You pay us a fee from Amazon no later than 45 days after the end of the calendar month in which the corresponding sales of items sold by the developers are made. At the time of payment, you provide us with a report detailing the number of end-users for each pc/software game hosted by the developer, the total gross revenue you receive from items sold by developers, and the corresponding Amazon fees. All payments are made in the currency indicated in the program guidelines. They will charge us through the EFT or other methods that we define in the program guidelines.

You have the right to make interest-free payments and withhold them until the total amount owed to us (deducted from possible withholding taxes, as shown in section 3c of this calendar) exceeds US$100.00 or the minimum payment thresholds set in the program guidelines. You can read the full Agreement from Microsoft Services here. For more information on these updates, click here on our FAQ page, including a summary of the most remarkable changes. Updates to the Microsoft Services agreement will be available from 1 to 20 20. If you continue to use our products and services on or after 1 Oc to 20 20, you accept the updated Microsoft Services agreement. Rankings and tournaments. “Leaderboards and Tournaments” is a collection of services that allow you to integrate end-user contests and associated features into your applications. You can only use rankings and tournaments through documented interfaces and other features that we make available, and you will respect all the speeds, abilities and other limits we set for the use of leaderboards and tournaments.

Without limiting the terms of the program hardware license, you can use tournament leaderboards and APIs in conjunction with the distribution of your applications to end-users via the program or similar services. No sale of physical property; Prohibited products. You only transmit digital products, content and services that will be called or used in your software applications, games and alexa Skills as in-app products. As an in-app product, you will not present physical products or other products, content or services that must be provided or executed outside the software application, game or Alexa Skill (although the sale of digital content accessible inside and outside your software application, game or Alexa Skill is permitted) or contrary to program rules (including a list of prohibited in-app products that we set up).

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