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Santa Monica College Transfer Agreement


SMC is a two-year community college and is part of the three branch higher education system in California. State-funded higher education institutions are categorized according to the following systems: Attend a workshop to learn more about GAD programs and the filling of an agreement. SMC prepares students to go to university with junior (third year). Community colleges such as SMC are generally considered the first two years of university. Get the transfer process! Use RaiseMe to earn scholarships directly from 4-year colleges and universities while completing your associate degree. The agreement creates a transfer program between Santa Monica College and the American University of Paris. The student obtained at least 45 semi-annual transferable credits from the UC/CSU from SMC until the move to the UPA. This agreement is intended for interested students who are enrolled in the CMS and who wish to participate in UPA in the following programs: students considering a transfer should know which courses are taken at the Santa Monica College at the university/university they wish to attend. You will find one-on-one transfer counselling sessions with an advisor at the International Education Counseling Center, not at the Transfer Center. CMS advisors are not in a position to determine the portability of overseas training work at universities. In most cases, transfer agencies do not accept competency assessments conducted for a partner`s conclusion because they will conduct their own assessments.

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a program that offers students at a community school guaranteed admission to several colleges and universities. Writing a TAG contract allows qualified students to guarantee admission one year before the transfer. Connect to 4-year colleges and track your progress towards successful transmission. Diploma of two college English composition courses (SMC English 1 and 2 or 31) SMC is the best transfer California Community College to USC! Learn more about the requirements of the adimission. Their cumulative average of uc/CSU transferable scores is 3.0 or higher (“B”). The SMC Transfer Centre offers a wide range of services and events for students wishing to join the university. Students can participate in a large number of transfer workshops and meet with higher education representatives on the SMC campus. SMC has a number of articulation agreements with different colleges and universities to help students define appropriate courses before the transfer.

Information from SMC and UC/CSU schools is available on the ASSIST website. It depends on many factors, such as. B, where students took their math and esl/English tests, the primary and transfer schools they choose, their willingness to take summer and winter courses, and their overall progress in their classrooms.

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