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As noted above, the use of the word “translation” in Article 26, paragraph 3 of PR 63 creates some leeway to question the validity of a foreign language treaty signed before the Indonesian version. 2. Statements of intent and/or agreements referred to in paragraph 1 involving foreign parties are also taken in the national language of foreign and/or inenglish parties. To act with the activity and agreement, the use of the legal contract is included. Regardless of the size of the company involved, a legal contract is the key to ensuring that any cooperation process. The business relationship will have a stronger commitment as it will be legalized under the treaty. Legal contracts are the essential launch of each project. It is therefore important to create a perfect contract that offers comfort and benefit to both parties. Treaties should include the obligation and obligations to achieve the objectives.

This agreement is concluded. Accept, sign this contract. Experienced and professional translators will be able to perform different tasks in legal documents. They are able to translate documents as employment contracts. This will be an important offer for international companies that collaborate with companies from different nations. In addition, translators can also translate leases. Insurance contracts and financial agreements are most often in the service sector. Quality legal contracts include an offer, acceptance and intent to be protected by a legal report. Taking into account financial coverage in the event of a dispute in the contract. It is all the more important for companies to rely only on the professional service to cope with the task.

However, it will be much easier and convenient to search for the professional translation agency. Professional agents usually work with legal translators to handle legal documents. In this case, we examine how the introduction of Presidential Decree No. 63 of 2019 concerning the use of Bahasa Indonesia (“PR 63”) of September 30, 2019, the long-awaited regulations of Law 24 of 2009 on the national flag, language, emblem and anthem (“Law 24”), which can influence current practice when entering into a foreign language agreement with an Indonesian party. The use of the word “translation” in Article 26, paragraph 3 of PR 63 can also lead to a problem in cases of significant inconsistency (and not just in terms of differences in interpretation) between Indonesian and foreign language texts. An example could be a clause in the Indonesian text that is absent from the foreign language version. In this case, it could be argued that the Indonesian version would have priority – even if the parties agreed that the foreign language version authorized by Article 26, paragraph 4, of PR 63 should apply, on the ground that it was not a difference in interpretation, but an error in the translation of the foreign language. As stipulated in this agreement.

As stipulated in this agreement. The words “a translation (terjemahan) of the Indonesian language” in Article 26, paragraph 3, may give rise to an interpretation that either (i) an Indonesian version must exist first and then be translated into a foreign language, or (ii) that the Indonesian and foreign versions must be prepared simultaneously. Article 26, paragraph 4: Dalam hal terjadi perbedaan penafsiran terhadap padanan atau terjemahan sebagaimana dimaksud pada ayat (3), bahasa yang digunakan ialah bahasa yang disepakati dalam nota kesepahaman atau perjanjian. Translation: “In the case of a different interpretation of the equivalent translation or the translation referred to in paragraph 3, the language used is the language agreed in the agreement or agreement.” As a witness to what.

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