Flowmap Painter update (0.9.2)

I’ve made some updates to the flowmap painter, with the help of some really great feedback.

Click here to get it, though the version checker ought to notify you if you start up the program.


Changelist from the readme (I’ll write a bit more about the changes when I’ve had some sleep :p):

= 0.9.2 =
* 4 October 2012
* Tweaked pan/zoom behavior
* Added:
  - Spacebar as an alternative to Alt for pan/zoom
  - Zoom level indicator
  - option to flip red/green channels on bake
  - swizzle option (red/green --> red/blue)
  - ability to save/load session **superceded by next point
  - ability to load flowmap texture
  - slider to alter flow preview line length
  - optional wrapping (with tiling preview)
  - defaults.ini to remember your last-used paths between sessions
* Fixed overlay texture rotated 180 degrees
* Fixed custom tiling texture reverting to default when toggling vertex color preview
* Fixed version checker
* Optimised performance somewhat
* Known Issue: Flowmap preview doesn't tile correctly (shader problem?)
* Known Issue: Flow line preview mode is slowww


FlowMap Painter update (v0.9.1)

[update: version 0.9.2 has been released]

I’ve done a bit of an update to the FlowMap Painter I released a few days ago, and did up a holding page for it, where you can download the latest build (the version checker directs you there).




From the readme:

== Changelog ==

= 0.9.1 =
* 20 September 2012
* Added new brush modes (Pinch/Inflate, and Vortex)
-Currently, only way to switch modes is keyboard shortcuts (1, 2, 3)
* Added pan and zoom functionality (and reset view)
* Added rudimentary version checker and update notification
* Fixed broken overlay functionality from initial release.
-also defaults overlay to 50% opacity (instead of starting invisible)


I’ve also added a reminder that undo is available, just in case. Still no redo yet, though.

Additionally, I’m providing separate downloads for Win32 and OSX, because bundling them together seemed a bit silly.

Debug.Log(“Hello World!”)

So I haven’t done any blogging in positively ages, but I figure now that I’ve got this great domain name, I could stand to post up some tech art-related things here. Bit more permanent than throwing everything up on Google+, at any rate.

Actual content incoming…

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